Watch “MESSAGE Communication in Dementia: Strategies for Care Staff” on YouTube

This video was intended to help caregivers communicate with people that have dementia, but I think it would be helpful for anyone in that situation.  It may be especially helpful for those that are uncomfortable visiting because they are unsure of how to communicate effectively.

We are all just walking each other home…author unknown

June 2013 ~ The Good Old Days

I was looking at pictures and videos of Mom the other day. I thought about how I felt at the time they were taken, considering Mom’s stage in dementia. I’m so happy that I took them along the way and I will continue to capture those precious moments because I realize now how quickly those pictures have become “the good old days”.

We are all just walking each other home…author unknown

In Caregiving, Anxiety Can Be Contagious

This is a wonderful article on reducing anxiety in the caregiver as well as the loved one receiving the care. I think this goes for children as well because they are very in tune with our body language.  Stress and Anxiety are harmful to us in so many ways. Check this article out, you may just find a new idea to try.

We are all just walking each other home…author unknown

I HIGHLY Recommend ~ “Gone from My Sight” on YouTube

I believe everyone who takes the time to watch this video will have a better understanding of the natural process of dying. I am so thankful that I happened upon it. A friend came by and asked what I was watching and I said a video on dying. Which sounds so morbid and taboo. After watching it, I realize this information is not something to fear; it has changed the way I look at death and dying.

It is a gift to know how to recognize & help someone who is dying. I can’t thank Barbara Karnes enough for this gift.
Her book “Gone from my Sight – The Dying Experience” can also be downloaded if you Google the title. I haven’t read it yet but I imagine it will also be a great resource.

As the video is Barbara conducting a seminar, you really don’t have to find the time to sit and watch it ~ just listen…like a book on tape.

UNFORTUNATELY… IT LOOKS LIKE THIS AMAZING VIDEO IS NO LONG AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE. Sorry. You could try googling Barbara Karnes for videos and books available on her website.