“My Beautiful Broken Brain”

We have a guest poster today: My daughter (28 – mother of one) wanted to share a movie recommendation that she thought might interest some of you.

Hello followers of “Life on My Lane”,

Thank you for following my family on this journey with my grandmother’s Lewy Body Dementia. I know that writing this blog has been an therapeutic outlet for my mom, all be it an emotional one. I am a strong believer in the strength of community, the more we share our experiences, the more we can support one another, and encourage the research necessary to improve the lives of those living with Lewy Body.

I watched  “My Beautiful Broken Brain” a while back and thought it was a really interesting watch. Although this movie is about the results of a stroke not dementia, it is an excellent first person account of the possible dysfunctions of the brain while still being able to continue daily living. It shows just how different the internal perception of the world can be after a brain injury. It gave me some insight into what my grandmother must have been experiencing in the early stages of Lewy Body; when things looked mostly the same from the outside but looking at the world though grandma’s eyes would have been very different.

Remembering back to about 4 years ago, I was at my grandparent’s new apartment and Grandma was trying to hang up her clothing in the closet. She couldn’t determine how to put the hanger on the rod. At the time, I couldn’t comprehend how she could play with my infant son without much trouble, but be completely unable to do this simple daily task. After watching this movie it helped me understand that moment; explaining how a persons perception of the world can be visually different from someone with a neurotypical brain.

I really recommend giving it a watch. It’s currently running on Netflix. Thanks for letting me crash my mom’s blog.