About Me & Life On My Lane

My Mom has Lewy Body Dementia. She is currently living in a long term care facility.  Mom was diagnosed a number of years ago when she was admitted to the hospital and had an adverse reaction to medication.  We quickly found out how little the public and even the health care professionals know about this ruthless disease.  Since that time mom has made numerous trips to the ER as well as being placed in a few different long term care facilitates. I am still amazed to see how little has changed.  My hope is to educate and spread the word about this disease because I believe that misdiagnosis for Alzheimer’s is probably still very common.  We must be the advocates for our loved ones…but we can only do that if we have an understanding ourselves.  Please help me, help others…let’s spread the word.

You will notice that there are also a number of password protected posts. I am also using this blog to keep Mom’s friends & family updated on her condition which is more personal in nature.

I can be contacted at:

Lewy Body Dementia Association:

To learn more about LBD,
visit http://www.lbda.org

LBD Caregiver Links:




By supporting the work of LBDA, you too will be
Increasing Knowledge
Sharing Experience
Building Hope
Lewy Body Dementia Association

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