Casey Kasem and Mama Jean: The Faces of Lewy Body Dementia | Jamie Brickhouse

Mama Jean’s mind was already gone, but her reflexes — the ones that declared, “Don’t mess with me, I’m in charge,” — were still firing. It was the kind of moment — a brilliant spark of lucidity — that crystalizes the essence of a person after their mind has been hijacked.

Open, honest, heartfelt article. Click the above link to read more.

I was in tears before I finished reading this article because of the similarities with our experience with Mom. I still find it difficult to understand how it is that the medical community does not know more about Lewy Body Dementia and how to recognize it.

I find myself missing my mom more now when we are together than in the past when we were apart. The sadness and grief are overwhelming.

I hope beyond hope that the author, Jamie Brickhouse, is correct in thinking Casey Kasem will give a face to LBD and therefore the much needed awareness.

♥We are all just walking each other home♥

2 thoughts on “Casey Kasem and Mama Jean: The Faces of Lewy Body Dementia | Jamie Brickhouse

  1. We were very fortunate to have been referred to the Hamilton, Ontario, Geriatrics Dept and more specifically Dr. Michelle Gagnon, a wonderful lady. She diagnosed LBD as the culprit on our first visit. The diagnoses only comes with it is found in suttle, little differences in the interpretation of the Montreal Test and family member interviews. Most doctors would never do enough Montreal Tests to see these differences nor take the time for family member interviews. Besides, there is no glory in treating dementia for a doctor thus “See no evil, Hear no evil and speak no evil”, just slough it off. Our first experience was with a neurologist, his diagnoses: “No, you do not have dementia. If you had dementia, your husband would be frustrated, not you!” I wish we could take him to the nursing home today!

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