LBD & Hallucinations “…are YOU real?”

Everything I have read about hallucinations experienced by people with Lewy Body Dementia has said that they generally see people and animals and do not usually feel fear or threatened by what they see. That use to be true for my Mom but things seem to be changing.  Lately she has been seeing people in her home… her deceased parents and others who come and go. It is the “others” that are cause for concern. Dad called me one night so Mom could talk to me when she was overcome with fear. She was seeing a man in her apartment and was sure he wanted to “take her out”. No amount of reassurance from Dad or myself could convince her that she was safe. She was completely terrified and crying uncontrollably. By the time I got to their home she had begun to calm down and talk about it. It was only then that she realized there was no one there but the 3 of us.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any advice on how they were able to convince their loved one that what they are seeing is not real or harmful?

I can’t even imagine how scary these experiences must be for my Mom. The last time Dad was dealing with this and trying to help Mom understand she was safe, her response was…“are YOU real?”

2 thoughts on “LBD & Hallucinations “…are YOU real?”

  1. My mother also has LBD and hallucinations. Thankfully none have been frightening. She did see a Martian on the roof once. She also had my father stop the car one evening when she saw her parents in the road. The road ran along side of the graveyard where they are buried. She said her mom and dad were calling her and she wanted to go. It is so difficult to watch.

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