Mom is back in the hospital and we are back trying to raise awareness for Lewy Body Dementia especially within these walls. It seems that even healthcare professionals will tell you they know about it, but in fact they are really just lumping all dementias together. A very dangerous practice considering the possibility of drug interactions for LBD sufferers, which could be fatal. (see Dec. 10th post) Dad decided it was time to shake things up a bit and get people interested and talking about LBD. He came to the hospital in the morning wearing this billboard. It shook things up all right. A visit from 2 security guards and 2 hospital administrators. The outcome…once they understood what exactly it was that Dad was trying to do, they commended his efforts. I think it has come down to radical efforts for radical change! Way to go Dad!

2 thoughts on “1·13·13 LBD Awareness

  1. How brave of him. I love it. I have also found that many in the medical profession are unfamiliar with Lewy Body. Thankfully we found a geriatric internist for my mother that made the diagnosis and is caring for her.

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