Happy Birthday Dad

My Mom has Lewy Body Dementia.  This disease is ruthless not only to the person who has it but for the caregivers and family of that person.  Today I want to honor my father, caregiver to Mom.  I think it is unfortunate that the caregiver is, kind of, forgotten with the attention placed heavily on the person we are losing right before our eyes.  I just want Dad, and all those dedicated caregivers out there, to know that they are not forgotten in our hearts.  For without their love and care, our loved one would be confined to a long term care facility.  I realize that will be inevitable, but in the meantime…Dad keeps Mom in his care… despite the obvious drain on himself.  “In sickness and in health”   Those words are in the marriage vows but that doesn’t guarantee your partner will be in for the long haul.  And I can’t think of another disease that would be more challenging to live by those words. Mom has no idea how much Dad is doing for her or how much he is giving up for her.  That is true unconditional love.  You are my hero Dad … you have been an inspiration to me throughout my whole life and I am so proud to say … you are MY Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad I love you xo

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